Scrapbooking "Scrimps"


Scrapbooking is a hobby which can easily become very expensive, and thus something of a luxury for many middle-class moms.

However, with a little imagination you can create beautiful pages without overspending.

Here are some ideas to "scrimp" on your scrapbooking embellishments.

1. Ribbons and Lace: Ribbons and lace are wonderfully inexpensive and a trip to the local habby store can provide you with endless options and colours. Best of all they only cost a couple of rand per metre. That's a whole metre of "creativeness" just waiting to happen.


This stunning example is from Scrapbooking Allsorts. Click here to see more.

 2. Buttons: Buttons are another great habby find. You can choose from a vast array of shapes and colours to suit any theme. I have often found jars and packets of mixed buttons at the local charity shops and they usually sell for very little.


Look at what Maggie Holmes has done with buttons on this gorgeous page. Click here to see her blog.

3. Zips: You can create really interesting pages with zips "opening" to reveal a picture or pattern.


This "zipper" themed page is from Scrap Girls. Click here to see more.

4. Puzzle Pieces: If your children are anything like mine, you are bound to have a few puzzles that are missing some pieces. Why not use some of these otherwise useless remaining pieces as borders and embellishments?


A puzzle frame made doodle and doilies. Click here to see their blog.

5. Raffia: This is the perfect product to add a rustic feel to your pages. Use it as a rough boarder or tie it into little country-look bows.


This page from creative spotlight shows some perfectly placed raffia accents.

6. Feathers: From the soft white goose down feathers to the ethnic-look guinea fowl feathers to the exotic peacock feathers -- there is a feather to fit a variety of themes.


This example is from Cynthia Hanna at Creative Artitudes.

7. Sequins: These are great to add a little "bling" to you page. They can be used sparingly as accents or you can go go "all out" for a disco feel.


The sequins add a lovely sparkle to this page from Designer Digitals

8. Embroidery Cotton:  You can use scraps of embroidery cotton to add a highlight of colour to your pages. Twist multiple colours together to make rainbow ropes which you can use as frames and boarders. Another effective application is to make stitches in your work with the cotton.



Christina from Christina's Creative Keepsakes has done hand stitching on this delightful page.

9. Pressed Flowers and Leaves: It is easy (and cost-effective) to press your own flowers and leaves. It is best to use naturally "flat" flowers. You can place the items into an old telephone directory. Place heavy books or objects on top of the directory and leave for a few weeks. The flowers and leaves will be dry and flat -- perfect to use for your pages.


A charming pressed flower page from

10. Wrapping Paper: Wrapping paper comes in some many designs and colours -- it is easy to find one to match your theme. You can also use the gift wrap from specific birthday, Christmas or anniversary gifts to add a personal touch.


This pages from shows how you can use pieces of wrapping paper from the birthday party to make a page.

11. Printed Lettering: You can print out special phrases or lettering from your computer. Use coloured paper or tea-stain the pages to create interest.


This inspiring page was found at to see the article click here. It shows how effective computer printing can be.

There are many ways to create beautiful pages and cards without spending a fortune -- all it takes is a little imagination. Do you have some "scrimping" tips of your own? Email them to us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it    

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